Spotlight: Sigrid – Don’t Kill My Vibe


This year has breathed life into quite a few interesting pop acts, but a personal favorite is definitely Sigrid. As she has shown incredible versatility on her debut EP release ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe‘. And continues to impress live with her radiant energy and passion. Just check out her performance on the Norwegian radio station NRK P3 below.

The title-track ‘Don’t Kill My Vibe’ is an anthem for anyone who has been looked down upon or treated wrongly, something everyone can undoubtedly relate to. The track drags you along for the ride in one fell swoop, empowering the listener. The hype of hitting shuffle and having this come on is real.

“I find it easier to write about stuff that is frustrating”
Sigrid to The Guardian

In ‘Plot Twist’ Sigrid tells us about getting over someone who couldn’t live up to the hype built up around them. It’s an interesting track that flaunts more playful vocals – even rapping in the chorus, all over a dirtier instrumental. As she also tells The Guardian she is impressed by Stormzys fast rapping and how she tries to integrate this into her own tracks. I won’t be surprised if we see some Sigrid x Rapper collaborations in the future as a result.

“‘Plot Twist’ is about finally getting over someone. I wrote it with Oceaán, consisting of twins Henry and George. They came all the way to Bergen, and we had so much fun!”
Sigrid to DIY

I am super excited to see what Sigrid gets up to next, it’s certainly difficult to not get swooned by her positivity. If she continues to act and expand upon her interest in rap she’ll definitely have earned herself a diehard fan right here.

It might be hard to keep track of all the new acts coming out of Scandinavia at the moment, as Sigrid is only the tip of the iceberg of talent I aim to shine a light upon in this blog series. She is definitely someone to look out for though.