Who is Lilla Vargen?

Lilla Vargen
Who is Lilla Vargen?

Even though she is due for an upcoming Spotlight article once her debut EP hits on the 27th of October, I thought we’d take a sneak peek. So who is Lilla Vargen?

Looking at the name you’d expect her to be Swedish or at least Scandinavian. But to my surprise, she is actually based out of Belfast, Northern Ireland.  Though like others have stated, the name which translates to ‘Little Wolf’ manages to flawlessly capture the essence of her voice. And how her vulnerability and sincerity shines through.

Lilla Vargen was a mere blip on my radar two years ago when she released two demos in quick succession. Among them, her own take on Red Hot Chili Pepper’s ‘Don’t Forget Me’, along with an original over piano called ‘This Is Love’ found here.

At the end of last month, I felt blessed to hear her voice once again in a brand new production. ‘Hold On’ is a single and the title-track off of her debut EP, surfacing this Friday the 27th of Oct. The song tells the story of one of her close friends falling in love only to be let down. It’s about investing too much of yourself in another person without seeing any returns.

While reading into the lyrics, I find the longing for love, the hopefulness of having a fling flourish and blossom. How easy it is to cling onto the likable pieces of someone, and realizing there’s nothing there once the initial spark has faded away.

A staggered instrumental that starts us off with some ever so gentle acoustic plucking accompanied by Vargens tender voice. It works its way up to a powerful last verse by adding piano and drums. It succeeds in creating a very familiar setting for its narrative.

Knowing more Lilla Vargen is to come, I’m super excited for this week’s New Music Friday.

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